Music Journals, Music Magazines, Music Newspapers and Music Periodicals Beginning With S

Music Journals, Music Magazines, Music Newspapers and Music Periodicals Beginning With S


Schweizer Musikzeitung
Publishes interdisciplinary articles from a musical perspective on topics from culture, pedagogy and culture and education policy. In addition to specialist articles, interviews, and reports, nine times a year. In German.

School Band and Orchestra Plus Magazine - SBO+
The market-leading independent magazine for instrumental, vocal, musical theater and general music educators.

"Touching on the more neglected moments of rock’s royalty to the weird and wonderfully unsung world of garage bands, psychedelic fly by nights, pot smoking country-rock bands, hippie folkies and country singers; the acceptable side of progressive rock; heavy duty denim clad basement rockers; wigged out funkateers and jazz men; synth based experimental boffins… right through to the powerpop and early punk bands that ushered in the ’80s, Shindig! prides itself in joining the dots together from the very best of music’s past. It also casts a selective eye over the best new musicians and bands who continue to develop and expand on what has gone before. Film, TV, legendary clubs, festivals and events, counter culture and whatever tickles our fancy are covered as well, with passion, knowledge and integrity."

Side Stage Magazine
A collection of nationwide music journalists and photographers covering the latest in music entertainment.

Sing Out! The Folk Song Magazine
Each quarterly issue of Sing Out! is packed with articles, news, reviews and analysis of a stunningly broad range of musical styles, traditional and contemporary, that fit under the broad umbrella of Sing Out!'s definition of folk music: blues, bluegrass, old-time, Celtic, singer-songwriter, world music, Cajun, klezmer, and much, much more... PLUS complete lead sheets (melody, chords and lyrics) for a wide array of songs.

Society for Music Theory Newsletter
Posted online in February and August, it features information on national and regional theory conferences, awards, calls for papers and articles, grant and fellowship information, and general news about people in the field.

A UK magazine that covers music from traditional and popular to contemporary and fusion, featuring well-known artists from Tinariwen, Bellowhead, Buena Vista Social Club and Manu Chao, to the newcomers making their mark both at home and abroad.

SongLink International
SongLink is the most acclaimed 'who's looking' song-plugging tipsheet in the world, having provided thousands of leads to its loyal subscribers (songwriters and publishers) since 1993. With professional researchers in the UK/Europe and the USA/Canada, we find out who's accepting new songs and co-writers in all genres of music.

Sonic Seducer
German music magazine that covers gothic rock, new wave, EBM and other kinds of electronic music and culture.

leading online resource dedicated to classic and modern Soul Music, it provides useful information and updates on the greatest Classic Soul artists and to introduce readers to the next generation of Soul Music singers. Includes artist biographies, music news and reviews, and First Listens to some of the newest music available, as well as regular CD giveaways, free song downloads and special offers.

Sound & Vision
Covers home theater, audio, video and multimedia consumer products.

Sound On Sound
Thorough and unbiased reviews of music technology products, such as audio interfaces, microphones, and software. It also features articles on recording techniques, music production, and sound engineering, as well as interviews with musicians, producers, and engineers.

UK based music webzine that mostly publishes reviews and interviews covering primarily the indie, indiepop, shoegaze, folk, alt-country and electronica musical genres. It also covers alternative music news and free MP3 downloads.

The authoritative source for news and information about composers, movies and television soundtracks, albums, original scores, and songs in movies.

SAMUS: South African Music Studies
SAMUS is the official organ of the South African Society for Research in Music (SASRIM). Contents and abstracts are listed in Rilm Abstracts, The Music Index, Sabinet Online, and African Journals OnLine. Typical items for publication in SAMUS include articles, interviews, and reports on South African and other musics; reviews of books, scores, software and multimedia products, and recordings; conference reports; news relating to the South African Society for Research in Music (SASRIM) and other news.

Spin Magazine
"A confession: SPIN is imperfect. It’s rough-edged, restless, insatiably curious. A little aggressive, a little cocky. Youthfully uncompromising, but maturely flexible. Romantic — definitely! Irreverent — sure! Unpredictable — yes. Very alive."

Spirit of Metal
Spirit of Metal webzine is an online collection of bands from Heavy Metal and its subgenres. Available in 9 languages (French, German, English, Russian, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, Polish and Portuguese). In addition to the tape archive, Spirit of Metal acts as a messaging service. So band messages are added, interviews conducted, concert and album reviews published, which are corrected by the professional staff and published thereafter. Interviews, reviews and news are published in French or English.

India's leading monthly devoted to Indian Classical Music, Dance and Theatre with adherence to high standards of authenticity, objectivity, sophisticated writing based on thorough research, and a healthy respect for individuals and institutions, balanced by an equally healthy irreverence towards holy cows. Sruti is not an academic journal, even though it carries scholarly and technical articles from time to time.

Music blog founded in 2002. It is independently owned and operated.

The Strad
UK-based monthly classical music magazine that's an indispensible guide for string players, teachers and instrument makers alike, featuring expert advice and practical guidance each month from celebrated luthiers working with traditional techniques and the latest technological advances. Authoritative, trusted and influential.

Street Cred Magazine
A multi-cultural urban entertainment and lifestyle magazine based in Birmingham, England.

Strings Magazine
Strings keeps you informed on the music, musicians, and instruments that matter. They share the stories from the vibrant community surrounding stringed instruments. For teachers and students, amateurs and professionals, players of violin, viola, cello, bass, and fiddle.

"Subkulture is more than just a label or magazine. We’re a community of artists and fans who share a passion for the dark alternative sound. Our events and releases bring together like-minded individuals, creating a space where people can express themselves freely and connect with others who share their interests."

Substream Magazine
American bimonthly, print and digital publication that focuses on discovering and sharing the best in new music, film, pop culture, and entertainment.

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