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Jazz Forum
European jazz magazine based in Warsaw.

Jazz Magazine
Jazz Magazine is a French magazine dedicated to jazz. In French.

Jazz Guitar ONLINE
Whether you are a seasoned jazz musician, a rock/blues guitarist that would like to expand their repertoire, or simply a jazz music fan - there is something for you here, including free guitar lessons, articles, news and reviews.

Jazz Hot
Jazz Hot is a French quarterly jazz magazine published in Marseille acclaimed for having innovated scholarly jazz criticism before and after World War II. In French.

Jazz Online
Created in 1991 by Joseph Vella, Jazz Online was the world’s first commercial interactive network devoted exclusively to jazz. What started out as a San Francisco based bulletin board system evolved into the first commercial jazz web site in 1994. As one of the most original and leading content based jazz destinations on the web, Jazz Online set the standard for the jazz sites that followed. Joseph Vella is the creative visionary behind Jazz Online and remains the driving force today. He calls upon his lifelong passion and study of the music along with nearly 20 years of experience in the industry to form his distinct perspective. Armed with a broad understanding of jazz, combined with an extensive archive of original content, the goal of this one time musician turned internet entrepreneur is to present an unfiltered but intimate portrait of the music.

Jazzenzo is a Dutch jazz e-zine that focuses on Dutch musicians, but also covers international artists. The word "enzo" in the name is a Dutch expression and means "and such". Contains articles, interviews,[1] concert reviews, concert schedules, CD-reviews, opinion, comical anecdotes, travel reports of musicians and jazz-themed news.

Published since 1970, JazzTimes—“America’s Jazz Magazine”—provides comprehensive and in-depth coverage of the jazz scene. Often controversial, always entertaining, JazzTimes is a favorite of musicians and fans alike.

Founded in August 2001 after trade publication The Gavin Report ceased publishing a jazz radio chart, and has published weekly jazz radio airplay charts since that time and smooth jazz charts until February 2012.

The UK's biggest selling jazz monthly and the leading English language jazz magazine in Europe covering everything from the cutting edge of contemporary jazz, mainstream, fusion and free-jazz to jazz electronica and world music with hot news, gossip, nationwide gig guide, major features and the UK's most authoritative reviews section.

Jefferson Blues Magazine
The world's oldest still-published blues magazine. It was founded in 1968 by Clas Hedman and is published by the Swedish Blues Association.

Jelly Music Magazine
Published from 1995-2003, Jelly focused on the best in blues, jazz, country, soul and rock'n'roll. Entertaining, knowledgeable articles and reviews that honored the great tradition of (mostly) American popular music, especially the stuff you won't easily find on the radio. This is an achive of all those Jelly articles. From Tracy Nelson to Los Lobos, Willie Nelson to Charlie Mingus - they're all here.

Journal of Music
An online publisher of in-depth news, reviews and opinion on music in Ireland and a popular platform for event and opportunity listings.

Journal of Music Teacher Education
The Journal of Music Teacher Education, a peer-reviewed online-only research journal published three times a year, includes research articles (philosophical, historical, quantitative, qualitative, and mixed methods), critical reviews of literature, book reviews, and analyses of programs, practices, and policies related to music teacher education.

Journal of Music Theory
Fosters conceptual and technical innovations in abstract, systematic musical thought and cultivates the historical study of musical concepts and compositional techniques. The journal publishes research with important and broad applications in the analysis of music and the history of music theory as well as theoretical or metatheoretical work that engages and stimulates ongoing discourse in the field. While remaining true to its original structuralist outlook, the journal also addresses the influences of philosophy, mathematics, computer science, cognitive sciences, and anthropology on music theory.

Journal of Music Theory Pedagogy
a peer-reviewed, academic journal specializing in the teaching and pedagogy of music theory and analysis

Journal of Musicological Research
The Journal of Musicological Research publishes original articles on all aspects of the discipline of music: historical musicology, style and repertory studies, music theory, ethnomusicology, music education, organology, and interdisciplinary studies. Because contemporary music scholarship addresses critical and analytical issues from a multiplicity of viewpoints, the Journal of Musicological Research seeks to present studies from all perspectives, using the full spectrum of methodologies. This variety makes the Journal a place where scholarly approaches can coexist, in all their harmony and occasional discord, and one that is not allied with any particular school or viewpoint. In addition to original research articles, the Journal of Musicological Research also publishes book reviews.

Journal of Musicology
The Journal of Musicology (JM) is a refereed, international quarterly journal devoted to exemplary scholarship across the spectrum of music studies. As a leading disciplinary forum founded in 1981 by Marian Green, JM reflects the breadth of musicology today and helps to shape the future trajectory of cross-disciplinary humanistic inquiry. Through its long-standing tradition of publishing the most exciting work by younger scholars alongside the contributions of senior scholars, JM continues to expand the perimeters of musicology in a spirit of openness, diversity, and academic excellence.

Journal of New Music Research
The Journal of New Music Research (JNMR) publishes material which increases our understanding of music and musical processes by systematic, scientific and technological means. Research published in the journal is innovative, empirically grounded and often, but not exclusively, uses quantitative methods. Articles are both musically relevant and scientifically rigorous, giving full technical details. No bounds are placed on the music or musical behaviours at issue: popular music, music of diverse cultures and the canon of western classical music are all within the Journal’s scope. Articles deal with theory, analysis, composition, performance, uses of music, instruments and other music technologies.

Journal of Seventeenth-Century Music
Published by the Society for Seventeenth-Century Music to provide a refereed forum for scholarly studies of the musical cultures of the seventeenth century. These include historical and archival studies, performance practice, music theory, aesthetics, dance, and theater. JSCM also publishes critical reviews of recently published books, scores, and electronic media.

Journal of the Acoustical Society of America
Since 1929, The Journal of the Acoustical Society of America (JASA) has been the leading source of theoretical and experimental research results in the broad interdisciplinary subject of sound. The journal serves physical scientists, life scientists, engineers, psychologists, physiologists, architects, musicians, and speech communication specialists.

Journal of the American Musical Instrument Society
The Journal of the American Musical Instrument Society is an annual publication. Approximately 200 pages in length, it contains 3–6 articles, book reviews, a list of recent publications concerning musical instruments, and other notices and relevant advertisements.

Journal of the Society for American Music
Journal of the Society for American Music is an international, peer-reviewed journal dealing with all aspects of American music and music in the Americas. JSAM is dedicated to supporting scholarship that transcends disciplinary boundaries, cutting across historical musicology, music theory, ethnomusicology, cultural theory, identity studies, and American studies. JSAM encourages international dialogue across disciplines. The journal features articles, reviews of books, recordings, and multimedia items, and explorations of special topics.

Journal of the Viola da Gamba Society of America
A biennial, scholarly publication containing articles and translations, as well as reviews of books, music publications and recordings—all relating to the viol.

Since 1993, JUICE MAGAZINE has been dedicated to the core of skateboarding, surfing and punk rock with a focus on in-depth interviews by the icons of skate, surf and punk rock culture. JUICE MAGAZINE is committed to giving credit to the true pioneers and innovators of skateboarding, surfing and music and keeping it punk.

Juke Blues Magazine
Three-time award-winning music magazine, Juke Blues publishes quality coverage of all types of African-American blues and traditional music, from the city to Southern soul, from vintage R&B to gospel and zydeco, with just a touch of other related genres.

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