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PA Music Scene
Monthly online music magazine focusing on the local Pennsylvania music talent, music businesses and music venues. It not only focuses on locally grown bands and venues but also sheds light on those who work behind the scenes.

China's first heavy music magazine and a legally registered enterprise for print media productions by Chinese State Authority.

Monthly music and entertainment digital magazine.

Parterre Box
"Where opera is king and you, the readers, are queens."

Perfect Beat
The Pacific Journal of Research Into Contemporary Music and Popular Culture. As befits a journal originating in Australia, the journal remains focused on the popular music of the 'Pacific rim' and includes historical and contemporary studies with contributions invited from popular music studies, musicology, cultural studies and ethnomusicological perspectives.

Perfect Sound Forever
Online music magazine, featuring interviews, articles, tributes, links, upcoming shows, book excerpts, essays by noted writers and musicians and more.

PAJ: A Journal of Performance and Art
PAJ explores innovative work in theatre, performance art, dance, video, writing, technology, sound, and music, bringing together all live arts in thoughtful cultural dialogue. Issues include critical essays, artists’ writings, interviews, plays, drawings, and notations, with extended coverage of performance, festivals, and books. Podcasts, video and audio clips appear on PAJ’s online home.

Performer Magazine
American music magazine aimed at independent musicians and dedicated to promoting lesser-known talent and being the first to introduce its readership to promising new artists.

Perspectives of New Music
Peer-reviewed academic journal specializing in music theory and analysis.

German webzine that publishes interviews, portraits and reviews about music released by netlabels or music released under a creative commons licence.

Pianola Journal
The Pianola Journal is published annually by the Pianola Institute. The journal provides unique coverage of an important area of musicology. Since the player piano first appeared at the end of the nineteenth century, a wide range of composers and musicians has written for the instrument and been fascinated by its possibilities. The Pianola Journal provides a platform for scholars and experts to explore the instrument's major contribution to twentieth century music.

American online magazine that generally concentrates on new music, but aso publishes retrospective reviews of classic or otherwise important albums every Sunday. The site has also published "best-of" lists – such as the best albums of the 1970s, 1980s and 1990s, and the best songs of the 1960s – as well as annual features detailing the best albums and tracks of each year since 1999 (and a retrospective Best Albums of 1998 list in 2018).

Luxembourg magazine devoted to classical music. The magazine contains news, features and interviews as well as CD and DVD reviews.

Trade publication for the concert industry. It gets its information primarily from the agents, managers and promoters who produce concerts.

The Pop Manifesto
The Pop Manifesto is a digizine and singles label that focuses on interesting and innovative creatives in both music and fashion.

Premier Guitar
American magazine devoted to guitarists, content includes instructional material, guitar gear reviews, and guitar news. The magazine is published online for free, and includes multimedia such as instructional videos and podcasts. The magazine also has a free weekly newsletter and an online "Gear Search" service, where guitarists can search for, buy, and sell guitar equipment.

Profane Existence
The Profane Existence Collective was formed in 1989 as a resource for the worldwide activist punk community. Over the years they have published a magazine, released numerous records, and have run a large distribution operation. They also make a continuous effort to involve themselves in supporting the active punk community. While the collective was originally started in Minneapolis, MN they are now based in Huntington WV. However they still count on a vast network of volunteers around the world to continue the tradition of Profane Existence.

Professional Sound Magazine
The online home of Canada's magazine for audio industry professionals. Professional Sound serves the Canadian recording, live sound, broadcast, post-production, and audiovisual integration industries with up-to-date news, in-depth application stories, product reviews and showcases, and much more.

Progression is the longest-running publication devoted exclusively to progressive music. They began publishing in 1992, chronicling the overlapping worlds of progressive rock and myriad related genres/subgenres. Each issue contains in-depth features by the field’s top writers, outstanding original photography and approximately 150 reviews of the season’s key album releases and reissues, books, DVDs and live events.

The Terrascope
UK magazine covering old and new music, usually of a psychedelic nature, it covers a wide variety of bands and artists from the 1960s to the present day. Issues typically come with a 7" vinyl record or latterly a CD, and sometimes also special inserts such as artwork, scrap books, and discount coupons.

Punk Globe
A punk fanzine and online magazine that contains some of the old content: articles, ads, artwork, photos and letters from past issues, as well as new artwork and photographs, gossip, news, interviews, CD, DVD, film and book reviews.