Songwriter Resources.

Songwriter Resources

Music publishing is how Songwriters earn the bulk of their income, allowing them to monetize their compositions and earn royalties for their usage on terrestrial radio, satellite and internet radio, TV, in live venues, and more. While the Songwriter usually owns their Songs, music publishing companies issue licenses for the use of a Song, collect royalties, do the accounting, and so on.

Music Publishers Worldwide

A list of publishers of music across the world. Last updated: 6/12/2023

Songwriter Associations and Organizations

Associations and organizations that Songwriters can join to learn about writing, network, and find collaborators. Last updated: 6/12/2023

Songwriting Tools

The best Songwriting tool is in your heart and between your ears, but you can make the creative process easier with these useful Songwriting tools. Last updated: 6/12/2023

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