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Sell Your Music at Music Outfitters


Are you an independent band, independent musician, or small label looking for broader exposure? If so, then Music Outfitters, Inc. is looking for you. We are always looking to add you to our site of independent bands and musicians. If you have CDs and are willing to do consignment, then read on.

What We Need You To Do

1. Fill out the form with the following information:
    - your name or the name of your band or the label
    - the name of the contact person
    - your contact address and phone number
    - biographical information as well as information about each CD you have
    - what you want your CDs to sell for (or what you want to be paid for each CD)

2. Send us the following:
    - six copies of each CD you want us to sell (for five CDs on consignment and one demo that we can use for
placing sound clips from selected songs for our site.
    - any art work you'd like us to use (let us know if you need to have it returned)
    These should be sent to Music Outfitters, Inc., 134 N. 1st. Ave. E., Ely, MN 55731-1203.

What We Will Do For You

1. We'll create a main page that features information about you, as well as an image of you and links to your web site and touring information (if either are available). We will also create a page for each of your CDs with information about the CD, track list, clips from selected tracks, a list wih links of any other of your CDs, a way for people to review your CD, and links to your web site and touring information (again, if either are available).

2. We'll take the orders, process the credit cards, and shipping the orders (we ship worldwide) as well as sell them in our store in Ely. No need for you to do anything.

3. If you have a web site and currently unable to make online sales from it, we'll help you link from your site to the order pages for your CDs on our site.

Show Me The Money!

1. Determine the selling pice of your CD, or how much you want us to pay for each CD. We'll keep 1/3rd of what we sell the CD for. For example, if you want to sell your CD for $14.97, we'll keep $4.97 and send you $10 for each CD sold. Conversely, if you want to be paid $10 for each CD we sell, we'll set the selling price at $14.97.

2. Payments are made as we sell your CDs. It's that simple.

3. There is no setup fee. None. Zilch. Honest!

And Finally...

1. The right for us to sell your CDs is totally non-excluive. Conquer the world! We believe the more places that independent music can be found, the better.

2. You don't have to have a barcode to sell our CDs. We would urge you to get one - today's commerce is computer-driven, and the ability to scan a CD is important. In fact, most brick-and-mortar stores won't stock your CD if it doesn't have a UPC code. But you don't have to have one for us.

3. We accept CD-Rs. But PLEASE, make sure you tell us, as some CD players have trouble with CD-Rs, so we need to alert our customers when a title is a CD-R.


If you have any questions, please feel free to email us.