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Let Music Outfitters, Inc. sell your music at our store and on our website. No setup fees, no monthly charges, no contracts. Just the best deal around for independent musicians and small labels. Click here for more information.

We specialize in independent music from independent bands and independent musicians - not only those from Ely and the Iron Range of Minnesota, but those from across the country and the world. We believe the best music available is ignored by the major record labels, so we fully support those independent musicians who believe in themselves and their music.

Whether on small, independent labels or on their own labels, you'll find we have some of the the best independent music being made today in all genres by independent bands and musicians. The artists we feature are traveling roads the large labels are afraid to traverse. Yet it's these roads of independence that produce music that is original, distinct, and fearless.

Many of our artists are now available on iTunes, and you can purchase both individual songs and CDs through iTunes from our site for our artists who are on iTunes.

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Resources for the independent musician and band
We have a large list of music information, resources, contacts, etc. that independent musicians and bands may find helpful.

Whirled Muse - Rhythm and Muse - click to view CD Whirled Muse
Rhythm and Muse

the release of their third album together, a whimsical combination of traditional songs, Sally & Claudia’s own compositions, & a few wonderful contemporary pieces.
Tjärnblom - Nicollet Island Waltz - click to view CD Tjärnblom
Nicollet Island Waltz

Tjärnblom is the name of a Swedish flower and this album is yet another flower born in Minneapolis’ Scandinavian American music community.
Pat Surface - Little Folk Songs - click to view CD Pat Surface
Little Folk Songs

Featuring folk songs from the 60's and 70's that are great dittys for kids of all ages... mellow, catchy tunes that were mainstream hits.
Pat Surface - Little Folk Songs - click to view CD Pat Surface
Little Folk Songs

This special album features uplifting songs that will inspire, offer hope, and bring a smile.
The Andresen Guitar Group - The Best of Jack Pine Style - click to view CD The Andresen Guitar Group
The Best of Jack Pine Style

This CD collects eighteen of the best tunes of the Andresen Guitar Group.
Aallotar - In Transit - click to view CD Aallotar
In Transit

Freshly minted transatlantic collaboration between violinist Sara Pajunen and accordionist Teija Niku. Exquisite, sophisticated chamber folk music.
Jerry Vandiver - True and Deep - click to view CD Jerry Vandiver
True and Deep

Award-winning singer/songwriter Jerry Vandiver has brought two of his passions together in creating this unique collection of songs that speak to the paddler's soul.
The Brass Messengers - Metal Harvest - click to view CD The Brass Messengers
Metal Harvest

The Minneapolis street band of 10 offers up twelve tasty new nuggets.
Germaine Gemberling - Generator - click to view CD Germaine Gemberling

A well-crafted 11-track collection that features Gemberling's reedy vocals against a smooth backdrop of open-sky guitar parts and twangy golden fields.
Mel Annala - In Your Eyes - click to view CD Mel Annala
In Your Eyes

A solid collection of songs that we all know and love and a fine voice to carry them to your heart.
Minnesota Fiddle Tunes Project - click to view CD Minnesota Fiddle Tunes Project
Minnesota Fiddle Tunes Project

This CD is about the research, recovery and relearning of Minnesota fiddle music. It's great to hear these tunes reborn.
The Third Generation - click to view CD The Third Generation
The Third Generation

For this compilation CD, the Duluth-based Finnish folk band has selected their 27 most requested selections.

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