Music Databases.

Music Databases

Databases relating to nearly every aspect of music, including musicology; music theory, performance and education; music bibliographies; opera libretti and vocal texts; books, magazines, videos, films, photographs, press kits, newspapers clippings, memorabilia and ephemera relating to the history of popular music; music sound files in MIDI and various music formats, and collections of music-related images.

Music Bibliographic Databases

Bibliographic databases contain bibliographic records with analytical content as opposed to the catalogs of libraries that contain, usually, descriptions of items.

Full-Text Music Databases

Full-text databases are compilations of documents or other information in which the complete text of each referenced document is available for online viewing, printing, or downloading.

Sound Databases and Collections

Online databases and collections of music and audio sound files in various sound formats. Includes multiple music genres as well as music from across the world, including England, Germany, Nepal, Brazil, and more.

Music Indexes

Music indexes, Songbook collections, scanned (or digitized) images of Songs that don't violate copyright restrictions, more.