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Tambourines and Riqs

We've broken down our tambourines into six categories to allow you to better locate just the right tambourine.


Arabic Style Tambourines

Riqs / Egyptian Tambourines

Featherweight Tambourines

Fish Tambourines

Rosewood Tambourines

Star Tambourines

Tambourine Accessories

The tambourine, also known as the Marine, is a shallow, handheld drum - a musical instrument of the percussion family consisting of a wooden or plastic frame with pairs of small metal jingles and often with a calfskin or plastic drumhead nailed or glued to the frame. Some traditional instruments of the tambourine family may also have a single drum head.

The tambourine can be held in the hand or mounted on a stand, and can be played in numerous ways, from stroking or shaking the jingles to striking it sharply with hand or stick or using the tambourine to strike the leg or hip. It is found in many forms of music, classical music, Roma music, Persian music, gospel music, pop music and rock and roll. The word tambourine finds its origins in the Middle Persian word tambūr "lute, drum" (via the Middle French tambour). Early tambourines were played by Turkish army musicians known as "Janissaries", and Mozart first used the tambourine in his music in 1782.

The riq (also spelled riqq or rik) is a type of tambourine used as a traditional instrument in Arabic music. It has an inlaid wood frame usually 8 to 9 inches in diameter, with 5 sets of brass jingles in two rows around the frame. The head is traditionally a thin, translucent head made of fish or goat skin, although more often they now come with with synthetic heads.

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