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Madals are a rhythm-keeping drum for folk songs in Nepal as well as north India. They can be made of either wood or clay. Both heads are played, holding the madal drum horizontally. The madal averages two feet in length and six inches in diameter. The skin is similar to the skin of tablas. Black dots made of iron filings, flour and egg are burned on the skins in the center, giving the skin weight that causes the tone to reverberate like a low pitched bell. Also like tablas, the skins are stretched through the tuning wedges in the leather thongs. Madals are usually accompanied by a hollow head instrument called a Sarangi (different from the Indian Sarangi that has a hollow leather-covered head upon which the string bridge rests).



Banjira Lace Tuned Madal

Banjira Lace Tuned Madal


Wooden two-headed drum. Heads held in place and tuned by lacing. Held horizontally, both heads are played. This instrument originated in the north of India. It is traditionally played as a folk instrument by the peoples living in the mountains on Northern India. 15 1/2 Inches long lrg head ranges 6.5 Inches -8 Inches sm hd: ranges 5 Inches - 6 Inches. Made in India. Out of Stock