Church Music Magazines and Church Music Journals.

Church Music Magazines and Church Music Journals

A guide to church music magazines and church music journals with an online presence.

  • 20: The Countdown Magazine
    A weekly program that plays the greatest hits in Christian Music every weekend on hundreds of radio stations across America and around the world. Lists the top 20 Songs in Christian music along with exclusive interviews with the artists who make the music.
  • Artistic Theologian
    an evangelical theological journal published annually by the School of Church Music and Worship at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. It focuses on issues of worship, church music, aesthetics, and culture for Christian musicians, pastors, church music students, and worship leaders..
    Dedicated to providing resources and information for participants in and supporters of the ministry of gospel music.
  • Choir & Organ
    The leading independent magazine for all professionals and amateurs in the choral and organ worlds. England.
  • Church Music Quarterly
    Church Music Quarterly is packed with advice, information, news and inspiration. Whether you are a musician, clergy member or someone who simply enjoys church music, you’ll learn from the experts and find out about the Royal School of Church Music’s work and mission.
  • Church Production Magazine
    Since 1999, Church Production Magazine has served as the leading resource for church technical leadership (tech directors and other technical artists), delivering information and education on topics of audio, video, lighting, content creation and streaming technologies used in worship production environments.
  • CMM
    CCM Magazine was founded in 1978 in the middle of the Jesus music movement and was a print magazine that was published monthly until May 2008. Since 2008 the CCM brand has continued to cover all forms of Christian music online at CCM provides news on Christian music artists and the CCM industry to fans, as well as extensive coverage of new artists, new music and releases, artist video interviews and Song performances for fans of Christian music.
  • Choir and Organ
    Choir & Organ is the leading independent magazine for all professionals and amateurs in the choral and organ worlds – whether you are an organist, choral director or singer, organ builder, keen listener, or work in publishing or the record industry, Choir & Organ is a must-read wherever you live and work.
  • Classic Christian Rock Zine
    A webzine that shares articles related to artists who fit directly or indirectly with the phrase "Classic Christian Rock", some of the most prominent ones such as Petra, Larry Norman, DeGarmo & Key, Stryper, Mylon Lefevre, Love Song, Deliverance, Stryper, Bloodgood, Phil Keaggy, Bride, Servant, After The Fire, Barren Cross, Whitecross, Guardian, Resurrection Band, Jerusalem, Randy Stonehill, The Mind Garage, Barry Mcguire, Daniel Amos, Sweet Comfort Band, and many more.
  • The Diapason
    The magazine of organ and church music,.
  • Encore Gospel Entertainment Magazine
    Premier Gospel Music & Christian Entertainment News Magazine: Your source for Black Gospel Music & Christian Entertainment News.
  • The Good Christian Music Blog
    Good Christian Music is dedicated to highlighting great music of all genres written by followers of Christ. "There’s no long review to read before reaching an actual link to the music (only to discover it’s not to your taste anyway). We don’t litter our website with news piece after news piece using clickbait techniques to bring in more traffic - website traffic doesn’t help us anyway as we don’t have adverts on here. We just feature good Songs, plain and simply. Occasionally we do feature reviews, interviews but these are always intentional content that we believe our audience will enjoy and appreciate, and even then the content always runs alongside music featured on our channel. We also curate the music - there are loads of great websites out there for music but how often do you find yourself reading through 10 album reviews before you actually reach some music you enjoy? Hopefully with The Good Christian Music Blog, you’ve found an opinion and an ear for music that you can trust, and enjoy the music we share."
  • Jam the Hype: The Beat of Urban Culture
    Jam The Hype now exists to develop urban leaders within the artist community, so that together, they can effectively influence urban youth culture to live transformed lives by the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Their desire is to take their under-developed artists and creators and provide them the tools. information, and motivation to become Godly urban leaders first and artists second. They want to walk the journey with these artists much like and Artist & Repertoire would do with new artists at record labels.
  • Louder Than The Music
    A peer-reviewed publication, it was founded in 2014. It focuses on a wide variety of aspects of Eastern Orthodox and related chant traditions, both monophonic and polyphonic, written from a range of musicological, theological, compositional and practical perspectives. In addition to peer-reviewed articles, the JISOCM incorporates the Proceedings of the Conferences of the ISOCM in Finland, Czech Republic, and USA, making it thereby not only the Society’s only publication channel, but one of the main venues for publishing on Orthodox church music in the world. Papers from other conferences that focus on Orthodox church music are also published as part of the Journal. The Journal also publishes theme issues.
  • Louder Than The Music
    Dedicated to all the latest Christian music news, reviews and interviews.
  • Music and Liturgy Journal
    A pastoral resource for those who serve the Liturgy of the Church. It seeks to contain articles of interest to those who are beginners in ministry, as well as to those with more experience, whose interests may also be more academic or scholarly.
  • Music Philosophy in Christian Perspective
    Music of the Bible, Christian Music Philosophy, Church Music, Music Education, Christian Music Education. Written by Garen L. Wolf, a forty year veteran of music eduation, chairman emeritus of the division of music at Gods Bible College, Cincinnati, Ohio, the author of Music of the Bible in Christian Perspective and Church Music Matters A Music Philosophy in Christian Perspective, and has published a variety of articles on Christian Music education and church music.
  • Musica sacra - die Zeitschrift für katholische Kirchenmusik
    Catholic church music; Regensburg, Germany.
  • New Release Today
    New Release Today is the largest Christian music and entertainment site online. They have artist interviews, special performances, exclusive premieres and more.
  • PraiseCharts
    PraiseCharts provides a fresh flow of resources for worship music, worship ministry, and the worship life. Download, print and play top quality arrangements of popular praise and worship music.
  • Praisejamzblog
    Praisejamzblog is an award-winning entertainment website that promote/distributes gospel music/videos, news and information from a faith-based perspective. For more than a decade, they have been keeping you informed, uplifted and inspired.
  • Rap Remnant Magazine
    A Christian Hip-Hop media outlet, dedicated to providing a platform to expose and promote artists in the Christian Rap genre. Founded by Chris Brown aka Nahledge, Rap Remnant launched in 2014, with the mission to saturate the culture with quality music that glorifies our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Rap Remnant seeks to highlight artists who skillfully display & communicate the heart of God in their music and His desire for us to remain set apart for His ultimate enjoyment and glory.
  • The Ringing World
    The Ringing World is a weekly magazine produced by ringers, for ringers, about ringers and bell ringing. Each issue normally comprises 24 pages, with 4 or more in colour. Edited by an active ringer, it contains articles, advice, reports, training material, notices of ringing events and many other items of interest.
  • Sacred Music Journal
    The official quarterly journal of the Church Music Association of America, and the oldest continuously published journal of music in North America.
  • Singing News Magazine
    The Voice of Southern Gospel Music. Singing News is a part of the Sea Walker Media Corporation. Sea Walker Media was established to embrace legacy media and continue to shepherd Christian music into the digital future. Sea Walker is the home of Singing News Magazine, Singing News Radio, legendary syndicated radio favorite, The Gospel Greats with Rodney Baucom, and the upcoming streaming television network, Singing News TV.
  • Spirited and Singing
    A practical nuts-and-bolts site delving into issues such as starting a new band, singing world music, how to teach new Songs etc. by the former coordinator of the Contemporary Music Network of the Uniting Church in Australia - Synod of Vic/Tas.
  • Yale Journal of Music & Religion
    A peer-reviewed, open-access journal publishing scholarship on sacred music in all its ritual, artistic, and cultural contexts across a range of methodologies.