Pat Surface
Return to a time when the lyric and melody were the essence of a song... From Dylan to Denver, Pat pays tribute to some of America's favorite songwriters. Over an hour in length - 18 tracks - with vocals, violin, dobro, guitars, bass, and hand-drums.

Track Listing
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1. If You Could Read My Mind
2. City of New Orleans
3. Suzanne
4. River
5. Goodbye Again / Leaving on a Jet Plane
6. Mr. Bojangles
7. The Wreck of the City of New Orleans
8. Let It Be
9. You Ain't Goin'n Nowhere
10. End of the Road
11. You've Got A Friend
12. Give Yourself to Love
13. Leader of the Band
14. Circle Game
15. Inland Sea
16. Scarborough Fair
17. Keeper of the Flame
18. The Water Is Wide

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Pat Surface - Songwriter Item Number: 89937900048
Artist: Pat Surface
Title: Songwriter
Label: Spiritwood Music, Inc.
Format: CD
Released: 2010
Number of Discs: 1
Run Length: 73 min
Price: $14.97

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