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Independent Dance Music

Does anyone really have a good definition of dance music? Strong beats, great chord progression, discernible vocals, a catchy hook? What really makes up what we call dance music? The truth is there is no clear definition.





As with most major music styles, dance music can be broken down into further categopries. These categories tend to be best defined by the number of beats per minute the music employs, where the style originated, and how it is created. Some of these include house (generally 110 to 128 beats-per-minute, lnner City, MK, Ralphie Rosario, Robin S.), high energy (generally 118 to 140 beats-per-minute, Abigail, Kylie Mlnogue, Blue System, Fancy, Bad Boys Blue, Gypsy & Queen, Pet Shop Boys, Abbacadabra, Cabballero, Masterboy, Aladino), break beat (generally 135 to 170 beats-per-minute, E's, Sonz Of A Loop Da Loop Era, Prodigy, Q-Bass, Pascal Device, RMB, DJ Hooligan, Raver's Nature, Music Instructor), techno (130 to 150 beats-per-minute with hard synth-keyboard riffs and pounding Belgian style bass and often combining male rap and female vocals, L.A. Style, Moby, Fierce Ruling Diva, Tyrell Corp., Robotico Rejecto, Klangwerk, Quadrophonia), and Chicago (120 beats-per-minute, quadruple time, soul voices, and piano samples, begun when DJs in Chicago experimented with old disco records and mixed them with samples from bands like Kraftwerk and New Order, also called "old skool" house).

Independent Music From Independent Bands and Musicians

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