The Brass Messengers
The Minneapolis street band of 10 offers up twelve tasty new nuggets. It's a New Minneapolis sound. This brass band, like no other, offers up a mix of 7 originals and 5 original takes on songs by others.

Track Listing
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1. Brass Forecast
2. Yana's Sync o Swing
3. Metal Harvest
4. E
5. I'm Your Man
6. Sole
7. Momma Razzi
8. Street Sweep Hangover
9. Jumpin' Beans
10. Amara Terra Mia
11. Usdadar'a Giderken
12. Mask on the Mantle (Booka B Remix)

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The Brass Messengers - Metal Harvest Item Number: 70754141589
Artist: The Brass Messengers
Title: Metal Harvest
Format: CD
Released: 2011
Number of Discs: 1
Run Length: 52 min
Price: $11.97

In Stock
Metal Harvest - Brass Messengers

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