Robin Adnan Anders
Whirled Muse brings Robin together with Eli Bissonett and Joey Kenig as a virtual whirlwind of World Music. 20 songs from 9 countries on 10 tracks, these medleys will transport you from Ireland to Finland to India and beyond in a heartbeat, where your imagination becomes your ticket to a World Tour.

Track Listing
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1. The Teal Polka / Banish Misfortune
2. Norsk Schottische / Soldier's Joy / Whiskey Before Breakfast
3. Yisisum / Esa Einai
4. Motel Mojo
5. John Ryan in the Fog
6. Ragu Pati / Ellu's Schottische / John Korpi
7. Fairy Hill / Swedish Waltz / Pentillan
8. Audition
9. John Lars Fars / Hambo
10. The Fishin' Jig

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Robin Adnan Anders - Whirled Muse - Rhythm and Muse Item Number: 88829510724
Artist: Robin Adnan Anders
Title: Whirled Muse - Rhythm and Muse
Label: Darbuki King Records
Format: CD
Released: 2014
Number of Discs: 1
Run Length: 60 min
Price: $14.97

In Stock


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