Minnesota Fiddle Tunes Project
This CD is about the research, recovery and relearning of Minnesota fiddle music. Many of the masters have left us with few to take there place. Luckily, more than 50 Minnesota musicians have come together to help this music flourish again. Using old field recordings and current masters as their guide, they have put their modern stamp on the music. It's great to hear these tunes reborn.

Track Listing
  1. Kettlescrubber - Catie Jo Pidel and Friends
2. Selmer Ramsey's Waltz - Betsy Neil and Friends
  3. Flop Eared Mule - Eelpout Stringers
  4. Minnesota Waltz - Temporary Stringband
5. Swedish Schottische - Roe Family singers
  6. Dick Halverson's Waltz - The Haybirds
  7. Hilary Stoltman's Polka - Minnesota Pickers
  8. Sherburne's Polka - Temporary Stringband
9. Edwin's First Polska - Adam Hurt
  10. Gary's Polka - Bob Bovee and Gail Heil
  11. Saint Paul Waltz - Bill Matthews and Friends
  12. Selmer Ramsey's Polka - Tjarnbloms
13. Ringnessen Reinlander - Minnesota Pickers
  14. Iva Dingwall Medley - Brian Miller and Friends
  15. Henry Grondahl's Schottische - Tjarnbloms
16. Ranger's Waltz - Minnesota Pickers
  17. Elmer Running's Tune - Temporary Stringband
  18. Medley - Anabel Sanford Wirt
  19. Albert's Schottische - The Gritpickers
  20. Knute's Waltz. Pam - John and the Dixons
  21. Bill Sherburne Medley - Phil Nusbaum
22. Fred Nelson's Jig - The O'Neil Family
  23. Oh So Many Berries. Minnesota Pickers
24. The Girl I left Behind Me - Roe Family Singers
  25. Jalasjarven Polka - Sara Pajunen
  26. Buckwheat Batter - Freak Creek Revival
  27. Stoltman's Dad's Waltz. Tjarnbloms
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Minnesota Fiddle Tunes Project Item Number: 70754148059
Artist: Minnesota Fiddle Tunes Project
Title: Minnesota Fiddle Tunes Project
Label: Minnesota Fiddle Tunes
Format: CD
Released: 2012
Number of Discs: 1
Run Length: 64 min
Price: $14.97

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