Black and African American Music Resources

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Music

Will artificial intelligence replace singers? Songwriters? Musicians? Other music industry professionals? Or will it expand creativity and freedom for those in the music industry? Here you'll find resouces to navigate this new music landscape.

  • AIVA - The Artificial Intelligence composing emotional soundtrack music
    Whether you are an independent game developer, a complete novice in music, or a seasoned professional composer, AIVA assists you in your creative process. Create compelling themes for your projects faster than ever before, by leveraging the power of AI-generated music. You don't need to play an instrument or know anything about making music to use it. Just select your parameters, like the genre of music and emotion that you're going for. AIVA does the rest. Once you find something you like, you can export the entire track as MP3, MIDI, or WAV stems, and music producers can reference the files as a starting point for their own music.
  • Amadeus Code
    Amadeus Code lets you create entire songs from just a simple sketch idea. The songwriting assistant adds new content and chord progressions daily and you’re even able to continue your ideas with MIDI files generated from the app in your favourite DAW.
    AUDOIR allows users to generate lyrics that rhyme and conform to a specific number of syllables. Simply enter a topic, mood or genre and customise the tool’s lyric suggestions to your liking. This tool doesn’t require a sign up or login so it’s really quick and simple to get started.
  • AudioCipher
    Hunched over your DAW waiting for inspiration to strike? Just type in a word and turn it into music. AudioCipher helps you break through creative block and come up with new melodies and chord progressions. Choose from a variety of scales, chords and rhythms to create unlimited variations.
  • Basic Pitch
    Basic Pitch uses machine learning to transcribe the musical notes in a recording. Drop a recording of almost any instrument, including your voice, then get back a MIDI version, just like that. Unlike similar ML models, Basic Pitch is not only versatile and accurate, but also fast and computationally lightweight. It was built for artists and producers who want an easy way to turn their recorded ideas into MIDI, a standard for representing notes used in digital music production.
  • Boomy
    Boomy is an AI music generation community that lets users create original material and get paid for it on social media platforms like Spotify, TikTok, Youtube, and more.
  • Botnik
    Botnik is a machine entertainment company run by comedy writers. Their site uses computers to remix text and provide users with new text suggestions. The technology looks at the last three words of your text to suggest new words to follow. Combining corpuses re-calculates common word patterns and frequencies to create lyric suggestions.
  • FAST Limiter
    Perfect your tracks and create release-ready music with FAST Limiter — the powerful AI plugin that keeps you creating. Use AI to get a solid foundation, then dive deeper to take your mix even further by adjusting Gain, Saturation, and Resonance.
  • DeepBeat
    DeepBeat uses machine learning techniques to generate new rap lyrics by combining lines from existing rap tracks. The technology tries to combine new lines which rhyme and make sense when put together.
  • Heavy Metal Lyrics Generator
    Their AI will write the lyrics of a heavy metal song. It was trained on a database of thousands of heavy metal lyrics, using machine learning to figure out how write a new song. The lyrics it creates are unique and not a copy of something that already exists. Note: They try to filter out offensive content, but heavy metal is full of that, so it may not be appropriate for children.
  • Klangio AI
    Klangio GmbH is a music software company based in Karlsruhe, Germany. Their team consists of experts in the field of artificial intelligence, audio processing and musicology, and they are joining forces to design the next generation of apps for musicians. Products include guitar2tabs, piano2notes/, sing2notes, and Melody Scanner.
    An open source research project exploring the role of machine learning as a tool in the creative process.
  • MuseNet
    MuseNet is a deep neural network that can generate 4-minute musical compositions with 10 different instruments, and can combine styles from country to Mozart to the Beatles. MuseNet was not explicitly programmed with creators understanding of music, but instead discovered patterns of harmony, rhythm, and style by learning to predict the next token in hundreds of thousands of MIDI files. MuseNet uses the same general-purpose unsupervised technology as GPT-2, a large-scale transformer model trained to predict the next token in a sequence, whether audio or text.
  • Mubert
    With a unique collaborative platform that pairs musicians with AI, they are redefining the way music is created, experienced and licensed. From streamers to filmmakers to app builders, they've made it easier than ever for content creators of all kinds to license custom, high-quality, royalty-free music.
  • Orb Producer Suite
    AI computing infinite patterns, melodies and basslines with a modern, powerful but simple User Interface, that allows you to control every parameter. Works on all DAWs (except Protools), VST2/VST3 and AU/AUFX formats are provided. Includes Orb Chords, Orb Melody, Orb Bass, and Orb Arpeggio.
  • SongStarter
    SongStarter is an AI-powered idea generator that acts as your starting point to create new music. The AI generates three unique musical ideas just for you. Every musical idea is royalty-free and yours to keep.
  • Soundful
    If you're looking to quickly generate music in a specific genre, Soundful might be a great option for you. Soundful empowers creators to generate royalty free tracks at the click of a button. TTheir diverse templates offer a starting point. Then you can generate similar tracks in the key signature and tempo of your choice.
  • Synthesizer V
    Popular text-to-speech software with cutting-edge AI singing voices that allows for users to create realistic sounding vocal tracks that are hard to distinguish from real human vocals.
    Text-to-singing/text-to-rapping software that allows you to easily create personalized vocal tracks using a variety of voices and sounds, as well as the ability to have full control over the tempo and pitch of the created tracks. There is a limited free trial and free account option available. The difference between the free version and paid versions is that paid accounts have an extra set of voices, higher quality sound output, more customization features such as adjustable tempo and key shift for the vocals, an expanded library of instruments and sound effects, enhanced audio effects like reverb and delay control, and access to exclusive video tutorials and resources on creating professional-sounding vocal tracks using's platform.
  • These Lyrics Do Not Exist
    These Lyrics Do Not Exist is a popular website that uses AI to build completely original lyrics. State of the art AI is utilised to generate original choruses and verses, with users able to select specific topics, music genres and different moods for their lyrics.
  • VoiceMod
    Allows you to quickly and easily create professional sounding vocal tracks without needing extensive singing or rapping ability and has a user friendly interface. The Pro version includes access to over 100 unique custom voices created by the Voicemod team, an unlimited number of soundboard slots, exclusive soundboards with high-quality audio, and access to the VoiceLab - the custom voice creator utilizing a variety of effects.
    Provides atural-sounding vocals powered by VOCALOID:AI. VOCALOID makes it possible to generate natural-sounding and highly expressive singing voices. Just input the melody and the lyrics, and this technology transforms your computer into a fabulous vocalist. By using the new editing tools, you can freely manipulate vocal accents, vibrato, rhythmic feel, and more as the “director” of your own unique way of singing.
  • Last updated: 5/19/2023