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Your One-Stop Source for Music Resources


Your one-stop source for music information and resources that provide information and/or services that you may find useful, including resources for teachers, parents, and students, various types of music including church music and native American music, musician resources, and much more.


  • Castrati - Here you will find information about castrati - boys who were castrated for the purpose of singing alto in the church choirs.
  • Children's / Kid's Music Resources on the Web - Links to children's music resources across the web.
  • Church Bell Ringing - Links to various church bell ringing sites around the world. We're talking primarily about the large bells in church towers as opposed to the small hand bells.
  • Church Music Associations, Guilds, and Societies - Links to various church music associations, guilds, and societies around the world. Please note that some of these sites are in languages other than English.
  • Church Music Magazines and Journals - Links to various church music magazines and journals around the world. Please note that some of these sites are in languages other than English.
  • Demo Recording Studios - A list of sites of recording studios who provide demo recording and more for artists.
  • Hymns and Liturgical Music - A collection of sites covering hymns and other liturgical music.
  • Music Award Sites - A list of sites covering both major and minor music awards around the world.
  • Music Databases - Here you will find links to more numerous databases relating to nearly every aspect of music, including musicology; music theory, performance and education; music bibliographies; opera libretti and vocal texts; and CD and book reviews. You will also find links to thousands of classical music sound files in MIDI format as well as collections of music-related images.
  • Music Dictionary - Here you'll find definitions and explanations of a variety of common common musical terms that may help you understand music's terminology.
  • Music Libraries - A collection of worldwide music libraries with an Internet presence.
  • Music Organizations - A list of professional music organizations, musical organizations, and music indexes.
  • Music Promotion - Businesses and organizations devoted to promoting artists and/or helping artists promote themselves and their music.
  • Music Publications - Music Journals, Music Magazines, Music Newspapers and Music Periodicals - A list of music journals, music magazines, music newspapers and music periodicals online.