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Your Ely MN Online Music Store

We specialize in independent music from independent bands and independent musicians - across Minnesota, across the US and across the world. We believe the best music available is ignored by the major record labels, so we fully support those independent musicians who believe in themselves and their music. We also have a streaming radio station featuring songs from our catalog of independent musicians, bands and artists.


Ethnic musical instrumentsWe offer a wide variety of ethnic musical instruments, including harps, bodhrans, bagpipes, bagpipes, doumbeks, African djembes, Indian sitars and tablas and much more. We sell more bulb taxi horns than almost anyone on the Internet. So whatever your musical taste - Celtic, African, Mideastern, Indian, indigenous peoples - we're sure to have an ethnic musical instrument for you.


Music Outfitters offers a wide range of 8" X 10" celebrity musician, singer and band photos for sale. We have a variety of photograph sizes (although our core size is 8" x 10"), and many classic photos are black and white. Please note - these are NOT posters, but actual photos. All our photos are on high quality photographic paper. We also have a number of 11" x 14" sepia toned prints which are not actual photos.


Azenta® Incense Powder, Incense Burners, and Sun's Eye┬« Traditional Rites Loose Incense is now available from Music Outfitters. Each Azenta® incense burner is made of cast stone and is totally fireproof. Azenta® Incense Powder contains no charcoal, glue, adhesives, or foreign material that would effect the fragrance. Sun's Eye® Traditional Rites Loose Incense is for the serious practitioner and the metaphysical purist. We also carry Sun's Eye® brass and iron Mini Cauldron for burning incense.

We have a limited number of Collectors Plates for sale.



Check it out on our independent music page! Many of our artists are now available on iTunes, and you can purchase both individual songs and CDs through iTunes from our site for our artists on iTunes. Yes! We have the new compilation CD from the 60's Ely, MN group the Electras: Electras - Electrified. Get 'em while they're hot!

We have a limited number of used DVDs for sale! There is only one of each, and we have both single DVDs and DVD sets. It's first come, first served, and when they're gone, they're gone.

Let them choose the gift they want with a Music Outfitters gift certificate! Music Outfitters Online Gift Certificates can be ordered in any amount starting at $5.00 to $100. They are sent via e-mail to any individual with a valid e-mail address, or they can be mailed to the recipient for an additional $0.50. The recipient must also have a valid shipping address.