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Free Public Domain and Creative Commons Music

Free music you can legally use in movies, videos, and social media platforms.

Hymns and Liturgical Music Resources

Hymns and Liturgical Music resources on the web.

Music Libraries

Music libraries with a presence on the web.

Music Databases

Databases relating to nearly every aspect of music, including musicology; music theory, performance and education; music bibliographies; more.

Musician Resources

A wide variety of resources to help independent artists produce, sell and support their music.

Songwriting Resources

A wide variety of resources to help songwriters develop and persue their craft.

Music Educators and Teachers Resources

Selected websites that teachers and music educators might find helpful for augmenting lesson materials, including lesson plans, activities, worksheets, and more.

Music Publications

Music journals, music magazines, music newspapers, and music periodicals.

Music Resources for the Blind and Visually Impared

Music resources for people who are blind or have other visual impairments.


A database of originals, cover songs, sampled songs and sampling songs.